Etiquette for posting in doll related communities


  • Do not harrass people for their dolls, asking them to give their dolls away for free, at ridiculous prices or for unfair trades.
    Collectors work hard to save up the money for their collection, work hard at locating rare dolls and restoring or customizing them. Just because they have chosen to share pictures of their dolls does not entitle you to demand things from collectors.
    We are not rolling in money, we are not your own personal Santa Claus and it’s very rude to expect what is essentially free gifts from people just because they are friendly and kind.
  • Official pictures belong to the doll companies and are copyright to those companies. It doesn’t matter who posts the new release photos first: NONE of you have the right to post them on your flickr anyhow, let alone claim credit for them. Collages for wishlists are OK, posting official photos is not.
  • Don’t let differing tastes become drama.
    Your opinion is just *your* opinion. You have no right to shout it across other people’s personal web places or get all offended (and sometimes aggressive) if someone disagrees with you.
  • Personal fights spilling over into public places.
    If it’s a bad dolly deal then by all means go public with the facts but keep your petty squabbles to private messaging: you’re making the doll community look stupid.
  • Please take the time to READ.
    Asking questions when the answer is right there in the description, the tags, the profile, previous posts or further in the photostream makes you look silly and wastes the other users’ time.
  • Plastering I WANT or I HAVE all over other people’s photos is tacky and rude.
    By all means comment on how nice the dolls are and how you hope to get them one day but do it tastefully please.
  • Please don’t send mass emails: it’s spam. People will see your posts if they have you in their contacts.

Thankyou for listening, have a nice day!
Thankyou to all those who do act with tact and common sense and make it all worthwhile.