How to make doll headbands


To make a head band for your doll you will need:

  • Wire from a used spiral bound notebook or thick beading wire.
  • 4mm and 3mm plastic beads
  • Wire cutter and Round nose pliers (optional)
  1. Cut 12cm of wire for a bratz head, 9cm for a barbie head, 20cm for a pullip head.
  2. Make a loop at the start of the wire, string on your beads and make another loop to close it.
  3. Bend the headband to fit your dolls head. You’re done!

Models: Maggie – Bratz Nighty Nighty Meygan and Dahlia – Fairytopia Barbie


  • To straighten out spiral notebook wire, just jam a piece under your foot and use pliers to gently pull it straight.
  • You can also wrap your wire with ribbon or yarn for different effects.
  • If you have beading wire but it’s too thin and flexible then fold it in two and twist it tightly to make thicker wire.
  • You can use bigger beads for Pullip heads but for smaller dolls, anything over 4mm looks out of scale.