Restyling Bratz Tokyo Tiana’s Hair

Note: I’m not certain that this is the exact original hair style because my Tiana arrived with her hair messed up but it’s what i’ve been able to piece together from people’s photos.

You’ll need lots of elastics and clips, a brush and something fine to tease out hair strands.

Step 1:
Seperate the parting hair from the rest (look at how it’s rooted and tease out all the strands that don’t belong) then seperate the left hair from the right and attach an elastic around each bunch.

Step 2:
Seperate the jet black hair from the rest (you can tell what belongs and what doesn’t because it won’t be the same length)
Tie elastics or clips around the left and right bits of hair
Take the all black hair and make a tight pony tail.

You should now have 5 seperate pieces of hair:
Left and Right parting hair
Left and Right normal hair
and all Black hair ponytail

Step 3:
Tease out 4 strands of jet black hair right at the bottom of the neck and re-tie the black hair ponytail. Keep those 4 strands clipped aside.

Step 4:
Pull the left and right bits of normal hair into a pony tail above the black pony tail and tie with an elastic.
Clip the 2 (black and normal) ponytails together, out of the way, so you can work clearly.

Step 5:
Take 2 of those 4 little strands of black hair from the neck and wrap them around the left bunch of parting hair, pull tight and then attach it with an elastic close to the bottom of the neck.
Do the same for the other side.

You’re done!