How to make a doll fairy skirt


  • Cut ribbon or wool into lengths of 6 inches/15cm.
  • Mark one of those strands by making a knot at both ends: this will be the waist band.
  • Put the waist band around your doll’s waist and tie a ribbon at the back, with a pencil or pen, make a tiny mark on each side of the waistband next to the ribbon, this will let you know where to add your strands.
  • Undo the waist band and lay it out.
  • Tie all the other strands by a knot in their middle to the main waist band.
  • Push the knots together on the waist band so that there aren’t big gaps.
  • Continue tying strands onto the waist band until there is enough to  fill the ear between the marks you made earlier.
  • Now you have a fairy skirt!