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More Saran hair comparisons: Retrodolls.uk

New Lush lilac Saran batch from http://retrodolls.uk :
 photo lushlilac.jpg

New Clover (no longer high denier, beautiful grassy colour) from Retrodolls vs “evergreen” or “seafoam” from other dollhair vendors:
 photo clover vs evergreen.jpg

As always the weights per hank were 11g-12g with a very generous 14g and 16g for Envy and Vapour blends. The hair arrived fast considering it was shipped from the UK.


Here’s an older photo of Pink Gin (which I use a lot) vs Cupcake Pink:
 photo cupcake vs pink gin.jpg
It’s very slightly more orange but turns out gorgeously cutesy pastel pink when rerooted.

Updated! Reference: Monster High Clone body types

 photo monster high clone body types.jpg

The parts from both bodies are not interchangable.
Create a Monster limbs do not fit in either body’s sockets.
Grid underwear types work well as a standalone body replacement (if you can stand the plastic flaws and possible need to glue suede some of the joints) or torso for CAM.
Heads are a little too loose on the Heart underwear type neck knob.

Spare parts guide:

Create a Monster:
Grid type forearms,
Grid type lower legs with pegs built up with epoxy,
Heart type lower legs cracked out of the body with joints shaved down.
Grid type Torso with arms + legs cracked off, shoulders filled with epoxy and hip nubs cut down to fit.

Normal Monster High:
Heart type hands + forearms
Grid type hands + forearms with pegs shaved down.

In conclusion:
If you need new forearms or hands for your monster high, go with the Heart type.
If you need a standalone body, go with the Grid type.
The colors are not an exact match and the plastic is not as sturdy as official bodies but this is a last resort option for those unable to find spare parts without paying $15 to import from overseas.

These can be found by searching for “monster doll body” on aliexpress or on €bay (more expensive).

Monster high head size comparison

Monster high head size comparison with Barbie and Bratz.

picture picture picture

You can also see the neck hole size and the big annoying neck anchor:
picture picture

For a mid calf length reroot of Draculaura, I used 75% of 1 RD hank of Wild Lavender and less than 2 RD hanks of Sherbert Pink but she’s rooted very thickly.
I think you could probably reroot a monster high doll with 2 RD hanks.

Mini B Barbie #38 yellow phone set review

Found a Barbie “Mini B” set on ebay for cheap so I thought I’d see how it matches up to Lil Bratz and the Pocket Lil Bratz.

The doll is well painted with a cute grin, her hair is 2 tones of saran, the dress is real fabric, of fairly solid material. She doesn’t quite fit on her stand so her legs go sideways and are stuck that way. Only the head turns. She came with a surprisingly detailed dog, a tiny clip-on phone (printed paper on plastic) and a brush. The mobile phone themed case is adorable in pink and yellow and has a nice solid snap shut. The clip and string don’t feel like they’d last long in play.

The doll has a tiny flaw to the eye but excellent facial screening (properly aligned which is rare on small dolls). She’s smaller than a Q-tip (as seen in background).

So overall:

  • Pros – excellent design and quality, cute face and accessories, solid snap shut,
  • Cons – fragile clip, more like a figurine with the 1 pose and lack of redressing possibilties.
  • Compared to Lil Bratz – Lil bratz have detailed clothes, shoes and 4 movable limbs. They are almost twice as big as Mini B and can be coaxed to stand alone. However it’s a gamble as to whether you’ll get a well aligned facial screening when buying online.
  • Compared to Pocket lil Bratz: The pocket bratz still has more movement (arms move, bends in middle) and more detail. There are a limited amount of pocket bratz playsets where as Mini B and the Peekaboos have many.


Anatomy of a fake blythe CCE doll

CCE stands for color changing eyes. This is a fake blythe doll bought from ebay (from a seller in Thailand).


Eyechips are not the same size or depth as Blythe.

CCE Body compared to Bratz Body. The neckpeg  can be used to make any doll body compatible with the CCE doll’s head.

After sanding she looks quite nice.The CCE doll head matches fleshtone Obitsu body nicely

Bratz skin tones


The core skin tones are Cloe/Jade’s pale pink, Yasmin’s tan and Sasha’s brown but 5 more skintones were produced:

  • Ultra pale used for the Midnight Dance Goth dolls, Punk Cloe, japanese Kumi (Tokyo and Ooh la La), Tiana (Tokyo and Fabulous) and caucasian Rina (3 Head Games), Lela (Twins and Costume Party)
  • Olive tan exclusive to Nevra (4 dolls: Dynamite, Secret Date, Funk Out, Space Angel)
  • Darker tan used on the first release of twins Nona and Tess
  • Reddish dark tan used for Native american Kiana
  • Dark Chocolate exclusive to Felicia (Sweet Dreams and Campfire)

The Yasmin skintone is a close match for the Mattel Barbie Teresa skintone, the Sasha skintone is a close match to the Mattel Barbie AA Nikki/Grace skintone.