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Displaying your dolls and toys safe from dust

I’ve tried all sorts of things over the years for displaying my tiny toys: slotted cardboard to make squares, cardboard steps that didn’t hold up, etc… Buying display steps costs a small fortune and woodworking is just not possible for me.

 photo styrofoamdisplay-vert.jpg

These steps were made from insulation styrofoam (left over from the move) which can be bought in 5-6cm thick panels for very cheap at your local hardware store.
I cut 3 panels: 15cm, 10cm and 5cm wide and stacked them using toothpicks and glue. Note: I used a much longer wood saw than the one shown because it was too messy with the little hacksaw. It’s very easy to saw through the soft styrofoam then rub the edges together to remove any leftover bits … but you’ll need a vacuum cleaner after as it gets very messy!
I’ll be monitoring closely for plastic melt over the next few months as some plastics just don’t play well together, I’d recommend covering your steps with craft paper or cotton fabric if you can.

The shelves are also protected from dust by transparent curtains made by buying those cheap storage bags that you attach to a vacuum to suck out the air and save space.
 photo tutorialdisplay.jpg
They cost about $6-8 each from ebay shipped from china. Just cut the required amount of clear plastic from the side without the vacuum hole bit then use thumbtacks to attach it to the top of the shelves and sticky tack to keep it held down against the shelves.
tutorial: dust protection from vacuum storage bags photo vacuumstoragebagsandpushpinsasglassdoors.jpg
When you want to take photos of your collection you just roll it up on top of the bookcase to avoid the plastic glare. My dolls barely had any dust after a whole year untouched when I moved house because of this setup!

Faux fur gloves to doll wig tutorial

 photo wigtutorial.jpg

1- Purchase dollar store faux fur fingerless gloves or cuffs (or search ebay for “fur” with free shipping, worldwide, under $1.50)
2 – Unpick the fur part from the wooly part using a seam ripper
Note: If you’d like to save the gloves, stitch through all the open loops using a matching yarn.
3 – Get out your doll and wrap the fur inside out around the head and pin into place.
4 – Roll back some fur all around the head and pin it.
5 – Put pins in place as close as possible to the head
6 – Remove the fur from the head and turn it out and make sure to brush or pull out any fur trapped in the seams made by the pins.
7 – Quickly backstitch the rolled back fur hem and the basic shape of the wig.
8 – Go over and over the seam with pillowstitch to secure it.
9 – Turn it inside out and you have a wig!

One pair of gloves can make two or three wigs. The third wig will be made of two leftover bits sewn together and will be more messy – like the one I just made for this tutorial.
The cheapy faux fur gloves come in white, grey, black and coffee but you can also get equally cheap arm cuffs in fancy colours like red and pink (The arm cuffs can make up to 8 wigs).

Obviously it’s easier if you purchase faux fur fabric and use a 5/6 inch head pattern but this is for people who don’t have access to a fabric shop or don’t want to purchase a yard of the stuff. A generic pattern may not be a snug fit for your doll unless it’s a monster high specific pattern because of their unique head shapes.

 photo wig_clawdeen.jpg
 photo glove_wig_bratz.jpg
 photo wigonlivblack.jpg

Bi-colour wigs can also be rotated to give different effects.
 photo flipwigs.jpg
 photo flipwigs2.jpg

How to turn lone Bratz earrings into bracelets

 photo braceletstutorials.jpg

1 – Use wire cutters or nail clippers to remove the earring peg part
2 – Sand it down a little if there are rough edges
3 – On the silver or gold earrings the sanded/cut part shows up much more
4 – If you rub the silver or gold ones with pure acetone on a cotton pad they turn a nice translucent white.

They fit Bratz, Bratzillaz, LIV and Obitsu, Monster high (if you remove the hands).

Barbie to Monster High/Bratzillaz trouser (pants) tutorial

 photo trousertutorial.jpg
Monster Highs don’t have much in the way of casual trousers so here’s how to turn a pair of cheapy barbie sized trousers into nice monster high fitting ones without having to sew from scratch or move the velcro!

* Turn inside out (use a pencil or screwdriver), pin velcro closed.
* Move the waist to where it feels right on your doll then pinch and mark with a pen where the new crotch should be.
* Sew this very tightly through all layers.
* Unpick the old crotch and mark new lines then sew them up
* Pin the trousers so that the crotch and closure are aligned in the middle
* Pinch and mark new lines for the sides.
* Sew then trim (but careful to not trim too close if the fabric frays a lot)
* Now unpick the ankle hems then pin to the right length
* Cut the excess then sew it. Remember to do a hem or your doll’s feet will catch in the fabric.

Now you have a pair of monster high trousers!

I should have used a different fabric as denim is rough on the fingers to sew and this stuff frays like crazy so I had to go over all the seams with pillow stitch.

Anyway, enjoy the tutorial! Happy repurposing!

 photo ziyalstyle.jpg

 photo scully_ziyal_jeans.jpg

Make a wig, froggystuff tutorial add on

Froggystuff posted an excellent quick doll wig tutorial, see it here.

Here’s how to make it seamless:

After following the previous tutorial,
¤ Use an elastic band that you can sew through (flat) or around (thin)
If the elastic is too long, cut it to size and sew the ends together roughly.
¤ Pin it in several places to the head (push the pin through the elastic and into vinyl of the scalp)
¤ Sew it to the hair (use a matching colour thread)
¤ Turn it inside out and place it on your doll’s head
¤ Cut a fringe (bangs) if the elastic is too visible.

You now have a seamless wig that should hold nicely even when shaken!

How to make doll headbands


To make a head band for your doll you will need:

  • Wire from a used spiral bound notebook or thick beading wire.
  • 4mm and 3mm plastic beads
  • Wire cutter and Round nose pliers (optional)
  1. Cut 12cm of wire for a bratz head, 9cm for a barbie head, 20cm for a pullip head.
  2. Make a loop at the start of the wire, string on your beads and make another loop to close it.
  3. Bend the headband to fit your dolls head. You’re done!

Models: Maggie – Bratz Nighty Nighty Meygan and Dahlia – Fairytopia Barbie


  • To straighten out spiral notebook wire, just jam a piece under your foot and use pliers to gently pull it straight.
  • You can also wrap your wire with ribbon or yarn for different effects.
  • If you have beading wire but it’s too thin and flexible then fold it in two and twist it tightly to make thicker wire.
  • You can use bigger beads for Pullip heads but for smaller dolls, anything over 4mm looks out of scale.

How to apply rhinestones or nail art to an object

picture picture picture

*Find superglue in GEL form, open and press very gently till there is a very small drop on the top.
*Use a toothpick to take a tiny bit of glue from that drop and apply.
*Wet your index finger slightly and use it to pick up the nail art and apply it to the superglue dot.
*No need to press hard
*Scoop off any excess superglue before it dries using a piece of thin cardboard.
*Enjoy your blinged up item!