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Fixing up Bratzillaz Illiana and Carolina

 photo 100_7952.jpg
 photo 100_7957.jpg

The hair required quite a bit of work, I seperated out the pieces and worked on them one by one.

Illiana’s tinsel was removed with a seam ripper then pushed into the holes with a pin.
 photo 100_7918.jpg

Her silk shorts were fraying and torn so I unpicked it and turned it into a bubble skirt.
 photo silk_damage.jpg
 photo pantstoskirt2.jpg
 photo bubbleskirt.jpg

I cut the lace off Carolina’s dress. I then turned the dress inside out to remove the messy bustle (it’s the top seam above the hips, use the seam ripper very carefully).
 photo dress2.jpg
 photo dress1.jpg

The bustle was then sewn together where it was split for the dress and given quick stiches to turn it into a bolero/cape.
 photo carolina_cape.jpg
 photo cape.jpg

The lace and tulle cape was taken apart, again with the seam ripper, and turned into a hair tie or a scarf.
 photo carolina_scarf.jpg

I decided to change the hard side glancing eyes, it’s limiting for photos even though they are beautiful:
 photo bratzillazsideglanceeyes.jpg

Use wire cutters or a knife to chop/shave off the large white sides of the eye (they take up almost 40% of the eye chip) and shave/sand off the little pegs for the eyesockets. I pushed tiny bits of tissue paper into the eye sockets when the eyes moved around too much to one side (from the empty space).
I find that they don’t quite reflect the light properly because the eyechips are angled, the plastic is thicker in certain areas. If I can ever be bothered, I’ll pop them out and sand the back some more.

1/ I scratched the eyeball by accident but removed the scratch by using the roughest grit on a nail buffer block then wet+the finest grit on the block.
2/ When removing the eyes, it pulls on the plastic and makes little lines in the eyeliner: keep some acrylic black paint on hand and a very thin needle or tweezer tip to apply the black again.

Bratzillaz cheap doll eyes hack

 photo bratzillazcheapdolleyes-vert-horz.jpg
1 – Purchase “Eyeball” Bracelet from the bay for $1 + 3 weeks waiting time
2 – Yank out the eyes with pliers (doesn’t matter if sides of the eyeball are damaged)
3 – Cut the sides of the eyes down to match the Bratzillaz eyes
4 – Heat up the eyesockets with a hairdryer and insert new eyes using a screwdriver with the tip wrapped in a sock (to protect the face)

The bracelet can be found searching worldwide for “eyeball/evil/5/blue eye bracelet, there are also brown eyes available by searching for “eyeball coffee earring”. A set of 4 pairs of eyes in different colours is available too by searching for 5mm eyes.

Bratzillaz Eyes

 photo bratzillazeyes.jpg
Quick tutorial on how to find eyes for your bratzillaz and swap them. I know this has been done before but I couldn’t find the exact measurements for purchasing new eyes so here ya go!

The bratzillaz eye is 12mm long, 10mm wide with an 8mm iris (On ebay, this is how small doll eyes are often measured: in iris size).
The height/dome of the eye is about 6mm (half flat type eye) so you wouldn’t be able to fit a spherical bead or spherical glass eye without cutting out the vinyl socket first.

Here I replaced Sashabella’s eye with a circular glass cabochon of 12mm but flat (4mm).
* 12mm animal eyes ( used on a pullip) had too much dome height and did not fit.
* 10mm flatback half pearls fit but left a slight gap at the side.

How to::
Heat up the neck hole and remove the doll’s head, then heat the eye with a hairdryer and
use a screwdriver orchopstick to push the eye out from the socket from inside the doll’s head.
Heat the eye socket again before inserting the new eye to avoid tearing.