Barbie Bellybutton body vs “Hobbit” body

Some quick Hobbit vs Bellybutton Barbie body comparison photos while I have these two ladies on hand with their cool contrasting legs. Arm and leg size is pretty much the same, waist is surprisingly the same too but bust and hips/butt are too different to share clothes.

More Saran hair comparisons:

New Lush lilac Saran batch from : New Clover (no longer high denier, beautiful grassy colour) from Retrodolls vs “evergreen” or “seafoam” from other dollhair vendors: As always the weights per hank were 11g-12g with a very generous 14g and 16g for Envy and Vapour blends. The hair arrived fast considering it was shipped… Continue reading More Saran hair comparisons:

Updated! Reference: Monster High Clone body types

The parts from both bodies are not interchangable. Create a Monster limbs do not fit in either body’s sockets. Grid underwear types work well as a standalone body replacement (if you can stand the plastic flaws and possible need to glue suede some of the joints) or torso for CAM. Heads are a little too… Continue reading Updated! Reference: Monster High Clone body types

Bratz skin tones

The core skin tones are Cloe/Jade’s pale pink, Yasmin’s tan and Sasha’s brown but 5 more skintones were produced: Ultra pale used for the Midnight Dance Goth dolls, Punk Cloe, japanese Kumi (Tokyo and Ooh la La), Tiana (Tokyo and Fabulous) and caucasian Rina (3 Head Games), Lela (Twins and Costume Party) Olive tan exclusive… Continue reading Bratz skin tones