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How to make Littlest Pet Shop & Lil Bratz hybrids

First heat the Lil Bratz head to remove it from it’s body
 photo tutorial_petshop_lil_bratz_2.jpg
Then cut off the long neck peg spike above the knob
 photo tutorial_petshop_lil_bratz_peg.jpg
Now remove your Petshop head from it’s tiny body, heat the head and pull out the semicircle neck piece:
 photo tutorial_petshop_lil_bratz_head.jpg
Place the semicircle neckpiece over the Lil Bratz neckknob and push it back into the Petshop head.
 photo tutorial_petshop_lil_bratz_1.jpg
The head will be a little wobbly but firmly on! The Lil Bratz body is a great match for normal Littlest Petshop heads.

Clonezilla to Create a Monster torso

 photo monsterhightorso.jpg

  • Use wire cutters, a hacksaw and pliers to hack off the arms and legs from a clonezilla body
  • Saw down the hip attachment pegs to match the C.A.M. hole size.
  •  Use epoxy putty to fill in the shoulder holes and mould them to match the arm sockets by carefully putting the arm attachments in then pulling them out before it dries.
  •  Let the epoxy cure overnight. Insert the arms and click the legs on the little peg bits.
    Your doll will have almost as much movement as a CAM (can’t do the horizontal splits but can get half way).

 photo 100_4784.jpg
Ta da! Zhaan has a working body!

 photo jadora.jpg
Jadora the clonezilla got a Bratz body with a messing neckpeg.
Epoxy fixes don’t work with the hard vinyl of Bratz/Bratzilla heads because moving the head will crack the epoxy but clones and dolls with soft vinyl can use epoxy neck knobs proving you don’t need much head mobility. The best option is to use a head anchor from a donor doll and epoxy it into the neck hole as they are more flexible and allow up and down head movement. In Jadora’s case the body was too damaged to take a neck peg.

Anatomy of a fake blythe CCE doll

CCE stands for color changing eyes. This is a fake blythe doll bought from ebay (from a seller in Thailand).


Eyechips are not the same size or depth as Blythe.

CCE Body compared to Bratz Body. The neckpeg  can be used to make any doll body compatible with the CCE doll’s head.

After sanding she looks quite nice.The CCE doll head matches fleshtone Obitsu body nicely

My modded Beauty Cuties – Barbie hybrid doll

Beauty Cuties Basics:

Head size: 14 inches, 36 cm
Rooted honey and platinum blonde nice quality hair on a solid 2-part scalp.
Eye mechanism: press down on empty pouch on dome of head to roll eyes and change eye colour.
4 eye colours: indigo looking right, green looking left, green looking up right, blue with stars looking straight ahead.

The head is make of a hard plastic but very slightly flexible and very easily washable (stains just rub off).
Her skin colour is and orangey tan like barbie. The faceup is very cute with lots of painted and real long lashes.

The lips could be less pouty and more smiley but I don’t know if that would make her creepier!
Very solidly built.
The stock body is smaller than bratz, bigger than lil bratz, has a rounded belly, a very small bust, bendable wired arms and legs and massive feet that don’t fit any fashion doll shoes.
In her stock body she cannot stand alone or sit up straight unless strapped (clicked) into her special chair.
The head is joined on to the stock body via a 3cm diameter area at top of neck. Switching bodies is going to a difficult task.

Pictures: On arrival in the chair, Head size comparison, The neck

Pictures: Body comparisons with Bratz, Obitsu 27 and Barbie

The Hybrid:

I sawed off her body at the neck and sawed off Barbie Gymnastic’s Body at half way down the neck.
Pliers were used to twist and pull out plastic from inside the neck holes then a small cylinder of wood was sawn to size and inserted into both holes to make the joint more solid. I used superglue and waited 12 hours: the head cracked off within minutes of play so i’m re-doing a much thicker superglue neck joint which will be fairly visible.

Ideally, I’d like to make a choker (my sister’s idea) with some sort of clay or epoxy to hold the body and head together, which will then be painted. I don’t have the supplies though so for the meantime we’re going with just glue.

What’s motivating is that she’s really cute on a big body. I’m more of a “little doll” type of person but she is quite charming once you get used to the size of her… and her weight: she makes a pullip head seem like nothing.

Pictures: Rockabelle hybrid, Making friends, Eye colours