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Long pile wig making with offcuts/scraps

1/ First I sew the hem on the fur fabric as this will need to be brought forwards for choppy or patchier areas. Remember to mark the direction of the fur pile on your fabric

2/ Then I place the wig template just above the line of hem stiches, trace and cut out the wigs with tiny scissors and trim the hem as it’ll be wiggly.

3/ Then each wig is assembled inside out and loosely basted; with a clip or a stitch tucking the fibre inside the wig so that you can sew without too much stray fur getting into your thread which causes knots and mess.

4/ Sewing

5/ Finally each wig is brushed to remove excess fur and any caught in the hem stitching and tested on Batsy (a bald Monster High with big ears) to see if the parting has thin areas and fits over her ears fully and still matches her front line of hair – if not it’s put aside to be resized for a smaller doll. I figure people can always resize a wig to be smaller but it’s best to err on the slightly larger side.


  • faux fur can be flat ironed at 120°C or steamed using a clothes iron at a slight distance and brushed straight.
  • the process of working with small items made from faux fur is messy, you’ll want to clean up regularly and make rolled up balls of stray fibres.
  • use sharp and very small scissors or use the razor method to cut your fur of you’ll have choppy bits.
  • use a metal comb for brushing to avoid static, but nothing as dense as a flea comb or you’ll lose too much fibre.
  • keep different colours and different stages of prepared wigs seperate in baggies to avoid fibres getting everywhere.
  • faux fur can be hand washed and I recommend it if your fabric is musty or needs conditioning with fabric sftener before ironing out kinks but it can lose it’s starch which makes tracing and cutting a little trickier
  • use gloves or thimbles if hand sewing as you will get blisters from repetitive sewing through dense fabric


I finished the wigs from the commission catastrophe*!

I angrily cut out every last piece of every last scrap of fur with tiny scissors over two nights then felt at peace again and sewed them together with loads of love while rewatching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (because it feels like going home every rewatch).

There are 80 wigs, all hand sewn with tiny backstitch so that’s a lot of Star Trek – I finished sewing at S03 e22 LOL

I’ve put 71 on ebay but you can order via my email, via tumblr or flickr or if you’d like one of the rare or obsolete ones:

Currently available:

The main: see the ebay link for the colours and quantities

The rares: 3 pink/hotpink, 2 purple/green, 1 black/redwhiteblack, 1 black/bluewhiteblack, 1 neon/hot pink, 1 neon/rainbow.

The obsolete:  $1 each, short pile wigs: 7 grey, 3 big floofy royal blue, 3 of the mixed khaki, 3 of the thin long pile white fur, 1 each of the other colours.

1 to 4 wigs postage cost $1.95 Worldwide
5 to 15 wigs postage $3.40 Worldwide

That’s the price of the stamp + paypal fees.

I’m no professional so these are very much *hand made* wigs, take a good look at the photos to see the type of fur and it’s thickness. I personally like to trim them once I’ve chosen a style to look less straggly and use needle and thread instead of elastics when making buns, pigtails et al to avoid ripping out fur.

editing to add that you can use these to sell custom dolls; no problems, just say ebayer saffyruth or tumblr firespirited made the wig.

*I was commissioned for make 20-30 wigs for someone in exchange for 1 doll, 1 head and a wig per colour for myself, for almost two years I heard nothing then the client sent enough fur for 5 times that and wanted it all processed and didn’t understand (or was unwilling to understand) that extra time = extra costs. I ended up cutting and pre-sewing 90 wigs before realising that the client expected all that extra work for free, thought I had all the time in the world and they were also haggling about the doll body that was supposed to be with the parcel. I was very confused as what to do and didn’t want drama so I sent them just over half the wigs, and kept half plus scraps. Left it all for six months sat under my bed in a box. Bought the full doll for myself as a treat yoself spite-present instead. =)

Tutorial: MSD to Pullip wig

 photo msdtopullipwig.jpg

It’ll take about 45 minutes unless you use a sewing machine.

This is a 9-10″ MSD wig at $6.70 from bjd-fairyland on the bay. Pullips have a less domed head than most MSD ball jointed dolls because the face takes up a lot more space so wigs will need to be adjusted to a more squarish cut.

¤ First place the wig on your doll and pinch the areas that stick up too much on the pullip head. Keeping your pinch, turn the wig inside out and make small pen or pencil marks to pinpoint where your new seam will go.
¤ Use running stitch or pins to try out the new fit.
¤ Turn the wig right way out and brush out the hair from the new seam.
¤ Now cut and sew using an over and over stitch. I went over this twice: once from each side.
¤ Extra: If you don’t want the wig to cover the eye levers in the back, fold it up and put in a quick stitch.

Now you have a Pullip sized wig!
It’s short and this particular wig was made from a rather thin faux fur fabric but it works if you’re going for a short pixie cut look.

Faux fur gloves to doll wig tutorial

 photo wigtutorial.jpg

1- Purchase dollar store faux fur fingerless gloves or cuffs (or search ebay for “fur” with free shipping, worldwide, under $1.50)
2 – Unpick the fur part from the wooly part using a seam ripper
Note: If you’d like to save the gloves, stitch through all the open loops using a matching yarn.
3 – Get out your doll and wrap the fur inside out around the head and pin into place.
4 – Roll back some fur all around the head and pin it.
5 – Put pins in place as close as possible to the head
6 – Remove the fur from the head and turn it out and make sure to brush or pull out any fur trapped in the seams made by the pins.
7 – Quickly backstitch the rolled back fur hem and the basic shape of the wig.
8 – Go over and over the seam with pillowstitch to secure it.
9 – Turn it inside out and you have a wig!

One pair of gloves can make two or three wigs. The third wig will be made of two leftover bits sewn together and will be more messy – like the one I just made for this tutorial.
The cheapy faux fur gloves come in white, grey, black and coffee but you can also get equally cheap arm cuffs in fancy colours like red and pink (The arm cuffs can make up to 8 wigs).

Obviously it’s easier if you purchase faux fur fabric and use a 5/6 inch head pattern but this is for people who don’t have access to a fabric shop or don’t want to purchase a yard of the stuff. A generic pattern may not be a snug fit for your doll unless it’s a monster high specific pattern because of their unique head shapes.

 photo wig_clawdeen.jpg
 photo glove_wig_bratz.jpg
 photo wigonlivblack.jpg

Bi-colour wigs can also be rotated to give different effects.
 photo flipwigs.jpg
 photo flipwigs2.jpg

Make a wig, froggystuff tutorial add on

Froggystuff posted an excellent quick doll wig tutorial, see it here.

Here’s how to make it seamless:

After following the previous tutorial,
¤ Use an elastic band that you can sew through (flat) or around (thin)
If the elastic is too long, cut it to size and sew the ends together roughly.
¤ Pin it in several places to the head (push the pin through the elastic and into vinyl of the scalp)
¤ Sew it to the hair (use a matching colour thread)
¤ Turn it inside out and place it on your doll’s head
¤ Cut a fringe (bangs) if the elastic is too visible.

You now have a seamless wig that should hold nicely even when shaken!