Review: Integrity Toys – Janay and Friends heads

Bought 3 Janays and 1 Alysa for $6 each plus $4 postage from Ebay seller:  MushroomStreet.

The heads are barbie sized, made of hard vinyl and came with their head anchor still inside the head.
(tip: use a hairdryer and grab with pliers to gently ease it out)
 photo janayc_a.jpg
 photo janayo_a.jpg
 photo alysa_a.jpg
 photo janay_curls.jpg
The ears are not pierced but there is a place marker for an ear hole, heads are marked “integrity 2001” on the neck. Neck hole is standard barbie size.
The faces are gorgeously sculpted with slight matte texture to the face that looks and photographs like real skin.
The eyebrows have hair detail and the blushing is very nicely blended.

The hair, however, is terrible: unbrushable nylon, very thick in each plug but thinly rooted across the scalp.
 photo itjanayrooting.jpg

I removed the hair from 3 of the 4 dolls but I’m unsure if they’ll be re-rootable due to the large holes in their heads. Head circumference is 3 inches (wig size 3).
 photo bald_janayo.jpg
 photo bald_alysa.jpg
 photo bald_janayc.jpg

Head holes:
 photo bald_janayo1.jpg
 photo bald_janayc3.jpg
 photo bald_alysa_hole.jpg

Finished result:
 photo janays.jpg