Saran colours from retrodolls

Lush Lilac saran shifts from pale purples to shades of pink depending on the light.
RTD Lush Lilac photo lushcombined.jpg

Teal is a less grey, more green version of DH Lagoon Blue
 photo tealvslagoonblue.jpg
 photo blues.jpg

Some reds compared to eachother:
Celtic Red is the colour of tomato soup and Torch Auburn is blood red.
Red sarans photo reds.png
 photo streakcolorswatchnatural.jpg

Some blondes compared:
Lemon has a slight green tinge to it.
Blondie compared photo blondecomparedwithotherblondes.jpg
 photo blondesnoflash-1.jpg

Notes: the acronyms DH, RD and RTD stand for Dollyhair, Restoredolls and Retrodolls who have different shades of saran hair on offer and use different names for them.