Tsubasa Chronicle Episode List

Season 1:
Episode 01. "An Inevitable Meeting"
Episode 02. "The Power to Fight"
Episode 03. "The Katana that Dispells Demons"
Episode 04. "The Untarnished Wanderer"
Episode 05. "The Magician's Battle"
Episode 06. "Uncried Tears"

Episode 07. "Cracked Memento"
Episode 08. "The Gods Favorite Daughter"
Episode 09. "Bewitching Woman"
Episode 10. "Mirror of Separation"
Episode 11. "The Chosen Tomorrow"

Episode 12. "A Warm Smile"
Episode 13. "The Steward of Illusions"
Episode 14. "What Really Happened"
Episode 15. "A Believing Heart"

Episode 16. "Strength and Kindness"
Episode 17. "The Cafe in Cherry Blossom World"
Episode 18. "Kittens and Puppies"
Episode 19. "Living Resolve"
Episode 20. "Afternoon Piano"
Episode 21. "The True Face Of The Oni"
Episode 22. "Unerasable Memories"
Episode 23. "Disappearing Life"
Episode 24. "Sword Duel to the Death"
Episode 25. "The Ultimate Game"

Episode 26. "The Final Wish"
Season 2:
Episode 27. "The Dangerous Race"
Episode 28. "The Three Badges"
Episode 29. "The Goal of Glory"

Episode 30. "The Sad Miracle"
Episode 31. "A Boy's Resolution"
Episode 32. "A Date with the Sorcerer"
Episode 33. "The History of Ashura"
Episode 34. "The Endless War"
Episode 35. "Two Memories"
Episode 36. "Feelings that Surpass Time"

Episode 37. "Doodle Mokona"
Episode 38. "A Dangerous Road"
Episode 39. "The Parting of the Beginning"

Episode 40. "Black Steel"
Episode 41. "The Library's Secret"
Episode 42. "The Far Side of Nostalgia"
Episode 43. "The Five Vows"

Episode 44. "Kero-chan and Mokona"
Episode 45. "The Second Suffering"
Episode 46. "The Secret Arts' Main Point"

Episode 47. "Working Sakura"
Episode 48. "Winged King Chaos"
Episode 49. "A Twisted Wish"
Episode 50. "Friends of Determination"
Episode 51. "The Freezing Spirit"
Episode 52. "The Wings Toward Tomorrow"

Tsubasa Chronicle Movie: "The Princess Of The Birdcage Country"