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Barbie to Monster High/Bratzillaz trouser (pants) tutorial

 photo trousertutorial.jpg
Monster Highs don’t have much in the way of casual trousers so here’s how to turn a pair of cheapy barbie sized trousers into nice monster high fitting ones without having to sew from scratch or move the velcro!

* Turn inside out (use a pencil or screwdriver), pin velcro closed.
* Move the waist to where it feels right on your doll then pinch and mark with a pen where the new crotch should be.
* Sew this very tightly through all layers.
* Unpick the old crotch and mark new lines then sew them up
* Pin the trousers so that the crotch and closure are aligned in the middle
* Pinch and mark new lines for the sides.
* Sew then trim (but careful to not trim too close if the fabric frays a lot)
* Now unpick the ankle hems then pin to the right length
* Cut the excess then sew it. Remember to do a hem or your doll’s feet will catch in the fabric.

Now you have a pair of monster high trousers!

I should have used a different fabric as denim is rough on the fingers to sew and this stuff frays like crazy so I had to go over all the seams with pillow stitch.

Anyway, enjoy the tutorial! Happy repurposing!

 photo ziyalstyle.jpg

 photo scully_ziyal_jeans.jpg

Review: Integrity Toys – Janay and Friends heads

Bought 3 Janays and 1 Alysa for $6 each plus $4 postage from Ebay seller:  MushroomStreet.

The heads are barbie sized, made of hard vinyl and came with their head anchor still inside the head.
(tip: use a hairdryer and grab with pliers to gently ease it out)
 photo janayc_a.jpg
 photo janayo_a.jpg
 photo alysa_a.jpg
 photo janay_curls.jpg
The ears are not pierced but there is a place marker for an ear hole, heads are marked “integrity 2001” on the neck. Neck hole is standard barbie size.
The faces are gorgeously sculpted with slight matte texture to the face that looks and photographs like real skin.
The eyebrows have hair detail and the blushing is very nicely blended.

The hair, however, is terrible: unbrushable nylon, very thick in each plug but thinly rooted across the scalp.
 photo itjanayrooting.jpg

I removed the hair from 3 of the 4 dolls but I’m unsure if they’ll be re-rootable due to the large holes in their heads. Head circumference is 3 inches (wig size 3).
 photo bald_janayo.jpg
 photo bald_alysa.jpg
 photo bald_janayc.jpg

Head holes:
 photo bald_janayo1.jpg
 photo bald_janayc3.jpg
 photo bald_alysa_hole.jpg

Finished result:
 photo janays.jpg

Clone fakie bratzillaz review

 photo clonezillazproductphoto.jpg

Fake bratzillaz from aliexpress. $6 each with free shipping.

 photo clonezillazjadora.jpg
Jade with new brown eyes.
 photo clonezillazmeygarya.jpg
Meygana spelled “Meygarya” on the package with blue and pink hair.

I removed Meygana’s hair as it started frizzing and was more sparsely rooted but I love the colour choice.

 photo clonezillazaccessories.jpg
They come with a hot pink plastic broom brush, a blue plastic witch hat and gold shoes.

 photo clonezillazdresstoskirt.jpg

Jade’s dress was too short but it makes a nice skirt with the top removed, Meygana’s pleather top was too big but was easily refitted by gluing the velcro folded over itself at the back. The pleather trousers fit perfectly.

 photo clonezillazmoldingerrors.jpg

They have hard hollow plastic monster high recast bodies with visible seams, molding errors and plastic discolouration. They are caucasian flesh tone coloured.

 photo clonezillazshoes.jpg
 photo clonezillazskippersizedfeet.jpg
The feet are Skipper/High School Musical sized.

 photo clonezillazhipjoint.jpg
The hip joint is a peg not elastic, the joints are fragile but offer the same poseability as a monster high.

 photo clonezillazneckknob.jpg
The neck knob is solid so head movement is restricted to side to side.

 photo clonezillazvsmh.jpg
The neck doesn’t seem really suited to the fakezilla head, that long neck seems better with a monster head.
Head pops off easily, just gently pull.

 photo clonezillazhalfrooted.jpg
 photo clonezillazrootpattern.jpg
They are rooted with cheap nylon (frizzes when brushed same as the official bratzillaz made with nylon) in a thin pattern.

 photo clonezillazbald.jpg
 photo clonezillazsoftvinyl.jpg

The head is soft vinyl unlike bratzillaz which are fairly hard. They will be easy to reroot.

 photo clonezillazeyes.jpg

The eye sockets use the same pocket system as Bratzillaz and the eyes are interchangable.

The eyes are easy to move around inside the eye sockets so they can glance sideways or straight ahead.

I swapped out Jade’s eyes for brown 10mm glass eyes before doing this tutorial.


 photo clonezillazvsbratzillaz.jpg

The face is flatter than a bratzillaz but shares that odd sort of bean shape similar to blythe heads seen sideways.


I bought these girls because I needed a cheap monster high body for dress making and the cute bratzillaz heads were a bonus. I think Jade will get a white yarn reroot or a white mohair wig as it suits her, likewise I’d like to reroot or wig Meygana in blue and paint over the yellow eyeshadow in a more blue tone.

How to fix a squished doll head

 photo squishhead.jpg
Dip it in a pan of boiling water for thirty seconds at a time – check to see if it looks unsquished, if not, do it again.

I made the mistake of putting Ghoulia in the pan and grabbing her out roughly with metal claws which damaged her eye makeup.
Draculaura was dunked in water by the pigtails and came out fine.

This also works for bratz dolls (takes longer) and making large rerooting holes in vinyl slightly smaller.

Midnight Magic dolls

I bought Pippa (grey, currently bald) and Mila (blue, gorgeous nylon hair) Midnight Magic dolls by Lovely Patsy via a lovely user on Dollymarket.com, they came from the Family Dollar store and cost $5 each (+ postage).


First things you need to do upon opening the box:

– Carefully remove the doll’s clothes and boots taking care to barely move the jointing on the doll’s arms.

– Using scissors, slit open the boots down the back seam, right down to the upper tip of the heel.

– Remove the head (it pops off) and pour some glue in it then leave it to dry for 12 hours upside down so that no hair falls out when you later brush and style it.

-Using a craft knife or box cutter (or very sharp nail scissors), shave off any excess plastic on the doll’s body: examine each articulation joint and shave off any excess plastic that might get in the way of movement

You’ll notice that there are disc shaped hinges in each joint: make sure to slice down the side of the hinge anywhere that it is covered in thin plastic, this will open it up so that the articulation can move freely.
Gently move each joint to see if all the articulation works and open up with a tiny slice wherever needed.

– Once the glue in the head has dried, pierce the ears with a push pin or a needle

-Examine the face, if there is any excess paint, use the back of the knife to very gently scrape it off (or use your fingernail)

Your Midnight Magic doll is now ready to go!

More photos:

Common dolly head sizes:

Head circumference same as My Scene: 5 inches:

The wide neck-hole and ball-joint neck knob:

Tearing of the thin vinyl skin over the hard plastic frame:

The body is very similar to Monster High Nefara but a little smoother around the collar bone. Unlike Monster high, the arms are not removable and the knees are click knees, not articulated.

The hair is a decent quality Nylon but not glued into the head. The heads are soft vinyl.
The torso is hard plastic and the limbs are hard plastic covered with a thin vinyl “skin” prone to tearing. They are the same height as Barbie: 30cm – 12 inches
They can wear Barbie bottoms if adjusted around the waist with a safety pin but not tops.
They can wear Bratz clothes providing the sleeves on tops are wide enough and keeping in mind that their torsos and legs are much longer than Bratz.

How to make doll headbands


To make a head band for your doll you will need:

  • Wire from a used spiral bound notebook or thick beading wire.
  • 4mm and 3mm plastic beads
  • Wire cutter and Round nose pliers (optional)
  1. Cut 12cm of wire for a bratz head, 9cm for a barbie head, 20cm for a pullip head.
  2. Make a loop at the start of the wire, string on your beads and make another loop to close it.
  3. Bend the headband to fit your dolls head. You’re done!

Models: Maggie – Bratz Nighty Nighty Meygan and Dahlia – Fairytopia Barbie


  • To straighten out spiral notebook wire, just jam a piece under your foot and use pliers to gently pull it straight.
  • You can also wrap your wire with ribbon or yarn for different effects.
  • If you have beading wire but it’s too thin and flexible then fold it in two and twist it tightly to make thicker wire.
  • You can use bigger beads for Pullip heads but for smaller dolls, anything over 4mm looks out of scale.