Character Interviews

Imagine your meeting with a character from the Cardcaptor Sakura cast and ask them what they think about Sakura and Syaoran's relationship!

The Interview submissions are now closed. Thankyou to everyone who participated!

Wonderful Reporters:
Amanda interviewed Meilin!
Casdi interviewed Tomoyo!
Kira interviewed Yue!
Julie Garret interviewed Kero-chan!
Arian interviewed Sakura!
Kira interviewed Touya!
Kira interviewed Yukito!
Shannon interviewed Sakura!
Esthela interviewed Kero-chan!
Eli interviewed Tomoyo!
Esthela interviewed Eriol!
Elysia interviewed Sakura!
Saffy interviewed Syaoran!
Razzy interviewed Syaoran!
Tsuki interviewed Tomoyo!
Esthela interviewed Nakuru!
Chibi interviewed Tomoyo!
Annie interviewed Meilin!