One shot fanfictions:
Tears of Remembrance by Drifter1
Only a Memory Away by Kawaiisayurichan
Confession of the Heart by S.A.M.
The Best Christmas Ever by S.A.M.

Sakura Festival, 2004 contest:
Eriol’s first day at Hogwarts by April Rose Sales
Eriol’s first day at Hogwarts by Grace Elizabeth Bellerby
Sakura and Syaoran's first date by Cathy

Sakura Festival, 2005 contest:
Spread your wings, Meilin! by April Rose Sales
Shihara (white feather) by Kuri
Spread My Wings by Lindie
In The Clouds by Esthela

Bloopers by Liam
Bloopers by Lucy Post

Goodbye by Gabrielle
Meeting You by Angelheaven

Fanfictions by Kira (Read more...)
Capture My Heart
Love Letters
Toya's Power returns!
Toya, Yuki and the magical can of Tuna!
The Hairdresser and the Prince
The Lotus and The Wolf
The new Student
Before I lay me down to sleep....
Madison Gets Married
Love is where you find it!
The Power Transfer
Starlight Series (6 chapters)

Long Completed Fanfictions:
Love Wish S+S and E+T love by Esthela (10 chapters)
An Evil is Released by Kawaiisayurichan (16 chapters)
The Untold Story by Misty (13 chapters)
Whom The Heart Desires by Momosuke Sakura (10 chapters)
Sakura's Quest in Time, the last chance in time. "Sakura must go back in time to prevent a troubled future..."
Complete Epic supense drama. S+S, E+T also Y+C. PG-13. by Isaac. M. Zavelsky (11 long Chapters)

Fanfictions in progress:
Displacement "Sakura's life at 19 and her new quest" illustrated fanfiction by ButterflyGirlJen (13 chapters)
Leon's Final farewell Action and suspense fanfiction by Liam (11 chapters)
Because I love you by Shanelle (2 chapters)
One More Thing by Liam (2 chapters)
Destiny will find each other by AnimeLuvin (10 chapters)
Working with you by AnimeLuvin (5 chapters)
Been Alone All Alonga Fujitaka story by Ani (2 chapters)
Who you really are by AnimeLuvin (1 chapters)
Hatred to Love by AnimeLuvin (6 chapters)
Feared by Drifter1 (Prologue + first chapter)
The Darkness Of One by Mika (9 chapters)
The Test by Ying (9 chapters)